Our contribution to cargo industry

January 9, 2019Air CargoTrucking


Our contribution to cargo industry

January 9, 2019 Air CargoTrucking

We specialize in the import and export of products for the chemical, pharmaceutical, aeronautical, and automotive industries, among others.

Send your merchandise anywhere in the world with our unparalleled transportation services and conduct business in a timely and organized fashion.

Currently, we operate through the Customs of the International Airport of Mexico City, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Puerto de Veracruz and Puerto de Manzanillo with our own facilities.

PetroM Logistics adheres to strict and precise operative capacities in order to sustain reliable delivery times for every client and in every operation.

Our fleet was formed to serve the most demanding logistics and supply chain operations to deliver always on time and in an organized manner.


PetroM Transport, a division of PetroM Corp., is a US company that provides all-encompassing international transportation services to businesses whose activities are related to foreign trade. 

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